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Sanchar Digital devices and Digital-Communication Products

1. Mirra Series 2

Developed specifically for small-to-medium sized Public Safety Answering Points or large, distributed centers, Mirra Series 2 is the reliable, robust solution for digital voice logging. Mirra uses a real-time operating system for enhanced speed, and there is no hard disk which means no crashes or data corruption. And, at a highly-competitive price, it provides all the features and bene­fits of a sophisticated and expensive recording system.       


1. Simplest recorder on the market controlled through a user-friendly Windows® application.
2. Trouble-free system configuration. Just click and

choose your application.
  • Easy-to-use search and replay. Search by channel, date, time, duration, CLI or dialed number — just click on the call that you want to hear!
  • Non-stop recording. Failsafe hardware and high reliability ensure continuous recording in mission-critical applications.
  • Easy system and fault monitoring. From the virtual front panel, verify performance and receive automat ic alarms in the event of problems.
  • Reliability and redundancy. Mirra's real-time operating system enhances recovery, and there are minimal moving parts.
  • Low cost of maintenance. Minimal moving parts reduces cost of repairs.
  • Secure. Robust optical media offers long-term archiving without degradation.
  • Networked. Can be shared by multiple users over the LAN.

Mirra Series 2 is controlled through an intuitive Windows application, requiring a minimum amount of user training. It uses a real-time operating system to give enhanced speed and reliability. Even if the power fails, Mirra reboots and starts recording in less than 15 seconds!

Its fast access with durable storage DVD RAM media gives instant access to any call, can store up to 1,200 channel hours per side and can be re-written up to a thousand times.The Mirra Series 2 dual disk option also provides up to 1,300 hours of continuous unat­tended recording. For redundancy, two Mirras may be connected should the master recorder fail.

In addition to analog connections, Mirra Series 2 can connect directly to proprietary digital lines from many of the most popular PBXs including: Avaya, Ericsson, Nortel, NEC, BT Alcatel, Aspect, Siemens, Bosch and Toshiba.

  1. From 4 to 32 inputs per recorder, in increments of 4 channels
  2. Audio Inputs: Analog telephony, proprietary digital with extension taps, ISDN Basic rate, ISDN Primary rate (El)
  3. Compression: 8kbit/s, 4 line outputs, IV RMS @ 800Hz, 600 impedance
  4. Archive Storage: Single or dual DVD RAM optical disks with more than 1,200 channel hours per side, per disk
  • Pentium 233MHz or better
  • 2X CD-ROM or better
  • 32MB RAM or greater
  • Sound card and speakers (for LAN replay)
  • SVGA monitor
  • I OMB free hard disk space
  • Windows 95/98, NT4, 2000, XP
  • Ethernet TCP/IP lObaseT (for LAN control/replay)
  • I free RS232 port
2. Nice Call Focus III

NiceCall Focus lll offers public sector organizations a range of unique advantages, including a recording system that can be easily operated by non-technical users functioning in a mission-critical environment. NiceCall Focus lll enables advanced scenario reconstruction with the synchronized playback of multiple channels, providing new possibilities for fully understanding the chain of events and rapidly creating evidence recordings. And all this in an easily installed, space-saving, single box.

  • Low cost of ownership - complete, fully-featured, long term,
  • one-box solution (based upon NICE’s cutting edge PCI board technology) with low maintenance
  • Flexible, user-friendly applications with intuitive user interface - get working faster and do more, more easily.
  • Improved response time due to rapid, easy evidence retrieval and scenario reconstruction.
  • Integration with centralized enterprise storage, using NICE Storage Center, makes NiceCall Focus lll the ideal solution for distributed sites.
  • Fast call retrieval by automatic extraction of caller ID.
  • Up to 48 channels per unit.
  • Unmatched on-line capacity - up to 50,000 hours standard with default G.729A compression.
  • Mixed interface support - records a wide range of digital telephony interfaces, analog and radio channels in the same box.
  • Extended redundancy options including hot-swappable RAID1, hot-swappable redundant power supply (support for 48vDC) and dual archiving options.
  • Optional CDR connectivity for Avaya, Nortel and Siemens switches.
  • Open architecture - NiceCall Focus III runs with Windows XP Professional with SP2 and SQL 2000.
  • Tool-free maintenance - higher availability and lower maintenance costs with improved Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and tool-free maintenance for inexpensive long term maintenance.
  • Long-term solution utilizing NICE’s cutting-edge PCIbased voice recording boards.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Enhanced system security utilizing Microsoft Windows XP SP2, personal firewall and full integration with NICE privileges mechanism.